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Welcome to 4000 FYM

Here is the 4-1-1 about 4000 FYM !

If you are interested in joining a community of gamers who come together and support each other, respect one another, and get things done, 4000 FYM is the community for you.

We are an organization that wants to make a difference in how our gaming community networks. The video talks and community meetings will help engage our community member bonds. For our community members to network, our organization will have an online chat room where all players of any consoles can network easily.

We want to provide a home in the gaming community, a safe place where they can be themselves and realize we are here together to accomplish one goal: gaming!

We pride ourselves in our diverse community full of beautiful people from all walks of life, striving to learn from one another. Join our community of active gaming members.

Network with us!

Connect with other members sharing their experiences from all kinds of genres of games. Here you will have members who play all types of games on all consoles. 4000 FYM will provide other ways to connect directly to other gamers online by direct personal messages and phone calls.

” Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be You! “

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Stop the bullying!

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” Safe networking. Better environment “

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