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4000 FYM is a nonprofit aimed at revolutionizing the online gaming community. Our mission is to uplift and support the online gaming community. We uphold our mission by combating bullying within the community, encouraging positivity among the community, and supporting those who aspire to work in the gaming industry professionally (whether in development or competitive gaming) website.

4000 FYM is built for gamers by gamers. In a time where online interactions have grown more aggressive and toxic, Antwon Jackson—president and founder of 4000 FYM– saw a need for a safe space. He birthed 4000 FYM, and began to cultivate a place where gamers can come together and focus on helping, not harming. Still, Jackson came to face the fact that more was needed. God gave him the idea to make 4000 FYM a nonprofit so that others could have more access to this safe space that he had created free of cost.

Here at 4000 FYM we dream of a less toxic online gaming community as we aim to bring people together for the common goal of one thing— gaming. We offer chat rooms for gamers with built-in security against hate speech and verbal abuse open for any console and any type of online gamer. Words and phrases deemed offensive are flagged and blocked. Our measures will help catch bullying and address any bullying issues that we see, creating a more positive gaming experience. 

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Connect with other members sharing their experiences from all kinds of genres of games. Here you will have members who play all types of games on all consoles. 4000 FYM will provide other ways to connect directly to other gamers online by direct personal messages and phone calls.

” Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be You! “

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