4000 FYM Community

A little something about us!

Here at 4000 FYM we dream of a less toxic online gaming community as we aim to bring people together for the common goal of one thing— gaming. We offer chat rooms for gamers with built-in security against hate speech and verbal abuse open for any console and any type of online gamer. Words and phrases deemed offensive are flagged and blocked. Our measures will help catch bullying and address any bullying issues that we see. We have a no tolerance policy against bullying and discrimination. We want to be the most welcoming group around.

We want to offer opportunities to people who have otherwise been overlooked, bullied, or isolated due to circumstances beyond their control. We seek to grow so that we can offer scholarships to people with aspirations as gaming developers.  Sowing a seed into the future of gaming by helping support the people who will one day create them is something the leadership and members of the community 4000FYM is very enthusiastic about.

Antwon Jackson

CEO/President of 4000

Monica Jackson

Vice President of 4000

Francesca Lomuscio

Director of Human Resources & Administration

Nate Brenton

Operations Manager

Lamar Gooding

Compliance Manager