Insight from the CEO

4000 FYM Leader

My name is Antwon Jackson. I started this organization because I wanted a way of meeting other gamers but had a hard time knowing where to find them and making connections with them. As I began to meet other gamers, I noticed that the gaming community was not as uplifting as I hoped.  I realized that many gamers face challenges such as anxiety and depression which can make it hard to network with other gamers. This is the same challenge I faced, and I feel honored to create a place that will have a safer environment for all gamers.

It was important to me that this space is geared to help gamers from different consoles connect with each other in a way that they may not have been able to before.

My goal is to make a difference in our community. With all the support from my team, I am excited to make my dream a reality. I present to you: 4000 FYM LLC!

CEO Antwon Jackson

CEO/President of 4000 FYM LLC

Fun Facts

  • I’m 6’5.
  • I have skydived!
  • I have a pet chihuahua named Ace!

“It takes a team to make anything possible!”

I appreciate all the support of my gaming community leadership. They make all of this possible.