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Our goal is to connect our members with each other so that you may network in a safer corner of the gaming world. Here’s how we do that:

Social Network Connections

Here at 4000, we want to combat bullying, harassment, and toxicity that can occur in online environments. We have a zero-tolerance policy that can be found here Terms of Use , and we follow the 4000 FYM Core Values listed below.

Please download our app to join the social network.

Perks with 4000

  • 4000 perk points allow members to receive discounts on 4000 merch by using your Perk Points to shop in our store.
  • You can earn perk points for: participating daily in community chats, submitting videos, watching videos, as well as referring others.
  • We’ll introduce member exclusive contests to get to know each other as we grow as a community…more details to come!

Safer Networking, Safer Environment

4000 FYM has a system that prevents specific phrases from being said in our chat to protect our community members. We also have an operation team that can review flagged interactions if deemed necessary or requested by a member.

We want our community to be a safe and fun place for people who have difficulty networking with other gamers. If you have difficulty fitting in or cannot find anyone to game with, use our team to help you! We will do our best to find a group that will work best for you!

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